Speech and Drama Roleplaying Adventure!

Birchguard Quest is a children's role-playing game set in the world of Arborheim. Students create characters and team up with others to solve puzzles and defeat adversaries, making evidence-based decisions and strategic dice rolls as they play.

Expert teachers guide students through an interactive story in which the kids are the main characters. Like true heroes, students experience success, learn from mistakes, and adapt with the ever-changing story.
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Weekly Adventure


Ages 5-12

Ages 5 +
60-min sessions, once a week
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Friends, siblings, and bold adventurers of every stripe are welcome at one of our premier club locations (or online) for weekly role-play sessions. In this format, children co-create a long-form story, embody its characters, and interact in a continuously evolving fictional world. Weekly sessions encourage social skills development, honest communication, creative thinking, mathematics, and executive function.

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Holiday camp


Ages 5+

Ages 5 +
5 days per week, 3 hours per day

Our signature Birchguard Quest Holiday camp offers an immersive experience whereby campers can stretch their creativity, imagination and collaboration skills as they bond over exciting story adventures. Daily adventures will be enriched with complementary activities designed to promote reflection, creativity and self-expression, whereby campers will make their own personalised journals, create world maps, and collaborate to produce a skit.


Junior Adventure


Ages 4-6

Ages 5 +
Weekly or Drop-In Options Available

Birchguard Quest allows kids aged five to twelve to play at the same table together, however, for children who might feel intimidated by complexity or perhaps aren’t quite ready to adventure alongside older players, we offer Junior Adventures. In Junior Adventures, great care has been taken to make the rules and content of Birchguard Quest suitable for a younger audience without sacrificing any of the magic.


Benefits of Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games allow children (and adults) to explore complex situations and feelings in a safe, risk-free environment, where the scenarios remain fun, whimsical, and intellectually stimulating. The result? Role-playing games:
Empower Self-Worth
Broaden Creative Thinking
Enhance Language Skills
Develop Quantitative Reasoning
Sharpen Executive Function
Engender Collaboration
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Lesson Anatomy

Interactive Story
Kids co-create the story, playing their own original characters.
Action Encounters
Defeat adversaries through skill, wit and luck-twists and turns keep learning fun.
Puzzles & Riddles
Flex creativity & critical thinking muscles to solve puzzles & complete missions.
Ideate, deliberate, and execute as a cohesive team.

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What parents are saying...

Jacinth Liew |
Parenting Coach
We were invited to try out Birchguard Quest, a collaboratie role-playing game that recently came to Singapore! With an expert facilitator, kids get to co-create the story, solve puzzles and missions in a fantasy world. This game’s totally up my son’s alley and he gave me positive reviews after each lesson.
Linna Tan
My son had such a great time at the Birchguard Quest Camp that he wants to join the weekly sessions! Highly recommend!
Erica Barlow
Thanks for hosting a great week of summer camp. Coco seriously had the best time! She is obsessed with Birchguard Quest and I'd love for her to take one of your classes in the fall. I'd also be interested to send her back in August for another camp!

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